The Blacktail explaination


I have trouble explaining things. Usually my attempts end with total frustration between myself and who I am talking to. Out on the trail the only thing I need to explain is why I get back so late. Instead I take photos, to share mostly, explaining my path. Signs are made for direction … I was not.


Do I really need to get things out? And why do I feel I need to explain anything? I like dams, they hold a lot of stuff. I am like a dam sometimes. Things I can not explain I just keep in the reservoir. To be explained later as I write.

North Fork Sun River

Going to the Blacktail Trail was extremely beautiful and the trail was superb … and mountain biking allowed to. At least I did not see any signs. When the trail got narrow I hoped to not meet horse people. I hate explaining what I am doing out on the trails. I just am.

Trail with green carpet

Once on the trail I breathed a sign of relief. Now I was heading up the Blacktail Valley … enough land for all trail users. And I was alone. No one to explain why I was alone. I just was.

Bridge over trampled water

I spent just a couple of hours busting up the valley and most of it relaxed. Eyes wide to capture all the beauty … and bears. I didn’t have my bear spray with me. Please don’t ask me to explain why, I just was.

Dry clay trampled by horses is NOT easy to ride

The ground was clay and once hard was like cement. When horse people go riding in the mud during wet conditions they create post holes in the trail. It can be rough on us mountain bikers once hardened. Almost impossible. Sometimes even walking was necessary. Why would I ride something so rough and seemly not fun? I can’t explain. I just do.

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