Leaving the front

Gibson Dam

The reservoir is now behind me. Much like bread, sugar, and all that yucky stuff. I look at it and it does not seem like food. I look at the dam in my rear view mirror and it just does not look like nature. Sure we built it and it has been there forever. But that does not mean it fits in with nature well. Much like 99.9% of all the food in our stores.

Castle Reef

Traveling from this beautiful place to my home in Bozeman is not entirely a chore. I mean just look out the window. As I leave the front I pass Castle Reef. An absolutely stunning visual sight. This reminds me of a grass-fed bison steak I once grilled up. The most stunning stuff I have ever put into my mouth. I am salivating as I write. Sure I can stop at the local bar and get a juicy bacon burger but that does not mean it fits in with my taste buds. I crank up my speed; I cant wait to get home to eat some meat.

Sawtooth Ridge

Being human these days means trying to figure out the fastest most convenient way to do things. And it will be our undoing. Just because I can drive home from the front in 3 hours doesn’t mean it is good. Maybe biking home would be more fun.

Your Thoughts

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