Adventure partner

Clinging to the canyon walls

She stopped there waiting for me to ride down a technical section of single-track which may I add seemed to just hang off a rocky cliff. She herself standing upon a hand-built rock bridge. I don’t even know if she realized it.

Winding Down

The trail was, um, kind of dangerous. We decided to take turns riding down the technical parts. Ok, let me clarify. While I rode down the technical parts my partner was perfectly fine walking the scary stuff.

Rounding middle Willow Creek Falls bend

The fact that I could experience this fabulous trail with someone is the bigger picture. What would suck is if I were to encounter this section of trail alone. Maybe that is why I take photos. It is much more fun to share a WOW moment.


And then there is the safety factor. I mean rocks fall all the time right? And I was reminded of that when it was pointed out to me that this kind of thing is sort of risky.

Loos scree can be intimidating

Or one could fall on the rocks. And no mater WHO falls on WHO it was certainly a time for each to stay within their means. For her walking the tough sections and for me to ride with a little brake action here and there.

North Fork Ford Creek Bluff

As we emerged out of the canyon we both were grinning from ear to ear, our eyes full of wonder. Maybe a grin because we emerged safely but for me a grin because I shared such a wonder with someone.

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