Sub standard ride

Upper Willow Creek Falls

The trail was bike-able but only 3 feet wide. On the right side was a sheer drop off, to the left a rock wall. To ride a mountain bike through a tight canyon is pretty intense in these conditions. All the reason to keep focused on the task at hand which was riding the dam bike without incident. When I could I would stop. Not to only rest my nerves but to take a look around. I know … sub standard mountain biking, right? This is when I discovered the first water fall.

Middle Willow Creek Falls

So I went a little further and stopped. Sure enough another waterfall, even more beautiful than the other. I mean I feel sub expert when I have to stop. The goal is to ride without dabs. Without wussing out so to speak. But this time it was all paying off.

Lower Willow Creek Falls

Even though the trail turned manageable and the wish to let go of the brakes with a shout for joy was immense I decided to stop again … just to gawk off the edge. Again another waterfall. All within a mile. Like three levels of water falls. What a beautiful trail. What a great decent.

Lower Willow Creek Falls

How many times have you gone through life without stopping in fear that your “progress” is not up to par?

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