Trans Zion part 1

Morning Coffee

The entire morning was a blur. Getting up pre sunrise is one thing, I do it all the time. And slipping out of my sleeping bag when it is 10 degrees outside is another, but I do that usually without incident too. But to skip my bulletproof morning coffee … now that is really hard to do. We had to be at Zion Adventure Company at 6 am and then shuttled to our water drops before being abandoned at Lee Pass. But it was all good now. We promptly hiked down the trail a mile and set up the jetboil to make some morning brew.  Ahhh.

Then it was down the trail to La Verkin Creek. Along the way I found interesting natural features. And not the towering cliffs and beautiful colors, all beautiful indeed. But the rocks and cool dirt … ahhh sand, it was all so cool.

This land felt so foreign and we had to go so far before we emerged. It was a funny feeling. From the time the van pulled away I felt this creepy abandon feeling. And now I was looking around at all this foreign terra.

And to be in the desert and experience frozen creeks was weird too. Maybe I didn’t wake up yet after all. Maybe I was still snuggled in my sleeping bag back at the “public” campground. With a nice little coffee shop down the street.

I wondered behind my partner and at times struggling to get foothold in the sand. I was definitely out of my comfort zone. But that is a good thing. To be uncomfortable is what I live for. To be comfortable is boring. Mundane.

Your Thoughts

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