Trans Zion part 2

Down La Verkin

Now with morning coffee behind me the world seemed a little more doable. Exploring a new land, a new trail, a new adventure.  As we dropped down and started following La Verkin Creek my eyes gazed around at the towering cliffs and blue skies. It seemed as though the land itself was worshiping the sun. Everything reached skyward.

Under my feet was softness and uncertainty. The soft red sand which was winding its way through the fall colors of Zion seemed warm and welcoming. The footing at times uncertain, was like a sandbox with endless depth.

My adventure partner looked as though she was immersed in the landscape the same as I. As everything seemed foreign and new our partnership was warm and comfortable. And it was nice to see her enjoying our surroundings. Maybe more than I was.

The  creek flowed through the towering cliffs with such grace and beauty.  Luscious curves and robust colors. We hiked almost the entire day and never stopped to eat or take a break. Zion had engulfed us. Swallowed us whole.

Towards the end of the day, however, we grew hungry and tired. And we started to watch the GPS. Creeping closer to one of our reserved camping sites. I glanced up to the cliffs for signs that the day was coming to a close.

But the signs were just not there. Just more wondrous landscape. Wow, to get to a campsite before the sun set. How remarkable was This?

Soon we were a mile away from our stopping point. The excitement of camping our first night in Zion numbed the pain from carrying a heavy pack for the first time in 5 years. The achy feet disappeared too.

And then we found it. A nice little spot near the creek. We promptly found a spot and started to put up “camp”. My thoughts drifted to dinner and falling asleep blissfully in the tent.

“So let’s go on an adventure, what do you think?”, my partner suggested. She was right, we had plenty of day left. “We could go see Kolob Arch”

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