Trans Zion part 3

Kolob Arch

As we hiked up an unknown creek the sun was hitting the walls of the canyon with such power it seemed as though they were on fire.

As I stumbled around to get a photo my adventure partner was picking her way up the drainage. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing in the preview screen of my camera. So much color.

My partner was not interested and insisted I pick up the pace. “Common … you’re going to miss it”

“Miss what”

“Kolob Arch”

So I put my camera into my pack and scampered after her. Good thing for adventure partners. They keep you on task.

The canyon grew darker and we were now walking up a creek bed after losing the unofficial trail. I resisted the urge to stop for photos. I wanted to see this arch.

And then it came into view. Finally I could pull out my camera to take some photos. As I scampered up a tree to get a better view.

I snapped off a half million shots hoping that one would be clear enough. The low light of nightfall meant I had to use some uncanny techniques to steady the camera.

Then we had to scamper out of the canyon before it got too dark. The sky was still a baby blue so I assumed we had plenty of time. Once again the adventure partner top the rescue. I needed to stay on task. We had supper to fix back at camp.

As we exited Kolob Canyon I spotted the moon over one of the cliffs. And I thought to myself what a perfect end to a perfect day of adventure.

2 thoughts on “Trans Zion part 3

  1. Ran to that arch and back once. Found a 20 dollar bill on the trail about a mile from it. Been dreaming of riding around that area as I have a couple job apps out in Hurricane and Cedar City.

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