Trans Zion part 7

Finally Some Views

I woke up several times that night. Once I got up and ran up a hill to warm up. So sleep was not optimal; so it was no surprise when the morning produced two cranky campers.

Breaking down camp was quiet and without discussion. Back on the trail not a word. We were both sleep deprived and really too cranky to deal with anything that could set any one off. I just focused on hiking.

… And more hiking.  After a couple hours I had hiked out my grogginess and started feeling a little like company. The trail was starting to swing towards a great vista. I set up a breakfast picnic like area complete with coffee, snacks, and maps.  Then waited.

The sun was fully out and for the first time took off some of my layers. My partner finally caught up to me and my impromptu coffee break proposal was good enough to clear up all the morning crank-fog. It was a nice relaxing time … and finally some views. And warmth.

After that we hiked together. And stopped way to many times to take way to many photos. After being view deprived for a day it was nice to be hiking along a  smorgasbord of great vistas.

That evening we again fell short of our planned campsite. Which meant negotiating with a small group and asking to rent a small spot in theirs. It all worked out and we got the tent up in time to go out on the plateau edge and watch the sunset. And eat pea soup with jerky. A sunset date.

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