Trans Zion part 8

The Morning Show

I woke up and snuck out to the ridge. Looking at my GPS I had 1 minute before the sun would be up. I wanted to be at the theater for the morning show.

I didn’t have much time to think because I was scrambling through the brush and into a decent position for picture taking. Wen I arrived at the edge of Horse Pasture Plateau I had about 10 seconds. But my positioning was not optimal and the shrubbery blocked any attempts at photos. With the show about to begin I basically threw myself down the slope until I broke out into a open view.

Then it came, the sun. Peaking over the Plateau ridge to my left. My mind raced back to my hasty path down the scree slope. At one point it could give way to a thousand foot sandstone cliff. One must be careful getting to the morning show.

To my right the new rays started to warm distant castle like mountains. With the sun’s warmth not hitting me yet I looked up the slope. The sunlight line progressing down towards me. Then it hit me. I could see the sunrise again.

So I ran down farther, closer and closer to the edge. With every step I plunged down in time. Sedimentary layer by sedimentary layer. I was running away from the sun and going back in time.

I came upon a level place. And while it seemed as though I could go down even farther this was such a good level spot to set up the tripod. I got off a few shots but he sun started to catch up to me. Before I could get things set up the sun came over the ridge again. I grabbed the camera and bolted down even further into the depths.

As I ran I glanced over to my right to see how much farther the sun had progressed over the distant mountains. The show was still on and it looked as though I still had time for more sunrises. More acts.

Suddenly I emerged out onto a rock outcropping. On a tree at the edge was some old safety ropes probably left by some climbers. I knew I had reached the end. I looked up and saw that I had lots of time and began to set up my camera again.

Glancing right the ridge was now glowing and ready to burst with light. And it came with such great intensity the my entire surroundings lit up with fierce colors and differing depth of distant blue, orange, and pink haze.

And just like that the sun was up and I started to enjoy the final part of this mornings show. The canyons lit up and my newly discovered vantage point I could gather some great shots of what Zion was all about.

Just then I hear some rustling behind me. I braced myself and realized I was backed up against a thousand foot cliff … well it seems like it could be a thousand. And then she emerged. My partner.

“Good morning”


“What a show”

“I knoooowwww, right?”

We sat there in silence holding hands and taking it all in. As if we were staying late at the theater watching the credits.

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