Trans Zion part 10

The End

“That looks like a goldfish”, I shouted back to my partner in crime. She looked up and seemed mesmerized for a moment.

The rest of our 2013 Trans Zion went down much like a movie. I mean we all know how it ends as one anticipates the final chapter. And just like a hollywood movie we all know how it may end. All we needed to do was hike to Angles Landing and then down to the valley floor. Since I have been to Angels landing I knew how this trip would end … or did I? As we hiked I looked up at the walls, or as in a theater the big screen.

Obviously the big characters in this show were the rocks and all their colors. As expected the smaller characters were a big part of the show too. Even the fall colors piped in to add something to the end.

The major drama for the show was all the damn downhill hiking. I found it difficult but managed. My partner on the other hand, carrying her weight on her back almost succumb to a ride down instead. She was absolutely thrashed after all of the final decent. And I might add … all on pavement from Angles Landing to the floor.

The end was also a thriller. With all the massive drop offs I almost peed my pants. Once I gasped for air and fell backwards almost passing out. The massive gap in reality and space between me and the floor so far away and was just too much.

The plot in the end had a couple twists as well. Which is cool.

Just before the curtain dropped a crescendo of beauty made the entire show worth the effort. As the colors danced up the walls of the canyon we craned our necks to take it all in. A spectacular end to our day. To the show. And to the Journey.


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