Fish out of water

Tree of many colors
Tree of many colors

The yearly trip to Billings Montana was going well but one thing was bugging me. I wanted to ride my bike. Last year we rode the “big ditch” which if you own a fatty is a blast. This year there was too much snow.

So why not take the fatties down the alley to City Brew to have a coffee and get online?  It was horrible. First off I believe we had the only bikes in Billings. Cars travel down the streets at around 150 miles an hour and have no clue what to do when they see, god forbid, a bike on the street.  Many slam on their brakes and freeze. As if a wounded deer we needed them to wait until it could limp off the road.

The coffee shop stop was no better. We had to dig the lonely bike racks out of a snow bank. As if discarded as a weird metal contraption in the corner.  Inside I ordered a triple shot. You know to make sure I got good flavor.  It tasted like skank dish water.

Fish out of water. I IS nice to be back in Bozeman.

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