Some people can ride a fat bike from point a to point b pretty quickly. And be happy doing so. And some fret over the details. “Is my tire pressure right”? “what is that sound, oh shit I am falling behind”. Not that there is anything wrong with either of these riders. I simply want to apply this concept to real life.

*Please note that the fat bike model in this post is a paid professional and in no way represents the second person I mentioned above.

For some reason I am not completing my usual chores which I have been able to pull off in the past during my life. Is it age? I don’t know. I used to pull off blogging, taking photos, and racing with relative ease. At least I think. Lately it is all I can do to get a blog out let alone brush my teeth and exercise. Am I fretting over the details now? I find stressfully situations much more organized and easy then real world living. Or shall I say times when your forced to be the rider that stays focused.

Yea. So for instance when you find yourself in a raging blizzard riding a fat bike. And then you realize that the snow is pilling up so fast you may have to ditch the bike and walk. And your drenched in sweat and melted snow and start to shiver. It is simple and organized. Just keep moving.And it gets done. Right?

Your Thoughts

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