Bear Creek Bunkhouse day 2

The morning discussion included proposals to relocate to other places to ski, a hiking option, and a personal favorite, to just sit around drinking beer. My partner and I were locking horns over the latter two when the other parties involved just gave up and went with option 1. Then we were alone and lagging behind. The usual.

My mind kept drifting back to the view of Sphinx Mountain from the night before.

“I want to go back up the canyon and see if we can not ski up the trail that branches to the right”, I blurted out suddenly.

“OK ….ok, damn Bill that is what I said”.

Oh shoot, I wish I listened better.

And we were off. And we did not find any more snow. There was just enough for me to go off on a side trip and scrape the p-tex off the bottom of my skis when I raked over a rock outcropping. By the time I got back to the valley the sun was setting. I should of listened better, to the warnings from my partner that, “… if your into climbing over downed trees”.

My partner was no where to be found. We were supposed to meet in the open meadow. To pass the time I got off a couple shots of Sphinx and Helmet. I started to wonder if I had the facts of our previous conversation right. Meet in the meadow where the trail forked. Gosh, I sure wish I listened more.

Then she appeared and just like that I forgot the promises to myself to listen better.

Heck my listening is just fine.

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