Hyalite Ski

The sign said Crescent Lake. And I have never taken the trail to the right. So when my partner inquired as to if I wanted to try and find “the lake” I was all in. We were skiing and so as everyone knows I was slightly out of my element. I just wanted to get the adventure over and go home to be warm and cozy. I am so over winter.

It didn’t take long and the trail stopped climbing and started to traverse the ridge to Elephant Mountain. Below us Hyalite Lake. I thought to myself, “great, this would be the upper trail in the winter that gets groomed so cross country folks can do a all day ski around the lake”.

And then the trail turned downward and towards the lake. I have to say I felt disappointed. And then when the lake appeared I announced we were right next to Hyalite, maybe just up a few hundred feet. I mean, I thought this lake was higher and that we could bomb back down to the car. The way things were turning out we had to take the West Shore Trail back to the car which meant a hilly flat ski back. I kind of wanted a reward.

We got to the WST and headed right towards the Window Rock Cabin. I was hoping my partner didn’t think we could ski all the way to the cabin. I mean, what a huge ski back to the car. I just wanted to go home. I lagged behind a bit and even tried to derail the day by saying things to suggest we should turn around. But of course I was ignored and we made it to the cabin. Once there I was relieved that we were going home.

But no, instead we tried to discover and investigate another way back. Darn this adventure would never end. And then we found that all options were leading us back to the WST. I grabbed an opportunity and talked my partner into skiing towards the lake and make things go faster.

But instead of faster it just got more interesting and beautiful. Wow, I was in no mood for this. So I endured the cool parts by taking photos and making believe I was in Alaska lost on a arctic adventure.

Our route did finally lead us back to the car. And I ended up having fun. Darn these adventures that I get dragged out on. Even with distracting things happening in my life. Things that tend to make me stay home and obsess. Things like waiting for a call about a big life change. Getting out does make things go faster. Thanks to a partner that drags me out on them.

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