Fox Creek Cabin

Paul’s Visit Part 1

Starting out way too late we did our “usual” arrive at the cabin completely after dark and desperate for comfort. But comfort is not what we found. A broken down stove with wet twigs was about all there was in this tiny shanty. Eventually we made a fire and drifted off to sleep upon mouse infested bunks.

The next morning we awoke to a raging sleet and snow storm. Thankfully the weather was not super cold or that night would of been very miserable. But the weather was at least in the 30s so it all turned out OK. The climb back out of the valley was not as bad as I thought it would be. Wow! We could be back at the car ahead of schedule.

But then I found it necessary to “try” a run down a huge open slope that supposedly would run into our trail again. After a couple hours of bushwhacking our way down the hill we were out. Half the day was done. Now to get to Window Rock Cabin. And to meet up with Paul.

Your Thoughts

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