Window Rock

Paul’s Visit Part 2

After missing the first part of the adventure weekend Paul did finally show up. And promptly got the car stuck. The recent snow storms had not only delayed his plane but also made for driving a beetle up to Hyalite a losing battle. No matter, we would dig the car out after our stay in cabin #2.

Window Rock is a great cabin and after figuring out the stove we had that place as comfy as the Taj Mahal Hotel in Atlantic City‎. Not that I know how comfy that place is but I can only imagine. We caught up over brats and suds then fell fast asleep in comfortable beds. Well my partner and I did our customary “pull the mattress onto the floor” trick. The next day we set forth to play in the mountains.

Being a host it is always the goal for your guests to have fun. It did not take me long to determine Paul was having a blast. For my partner and I we kept apologizing for the “weak” adventure but to him it was just right. We climbed to the top of the Elephant Mountain Ridge. On the other side was the Blackmore Drainage.

The wind was howling and it was a tad bit nippy. But just like old times we stood on top of the ridge and discussed important things. Like what was for supper. And whether or not we had a Thai restaurant in town. Then it was time to bomb down.

The two night three day weekend adventure we had set up for Paul’s visit was a success. Capping it all off with a successful digging out of the beetle we headed back home. Sno-mo-beetling is what we coined the evening extraction.

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