Headwaters State Park

Paul’s Visit Part 3

Sounded good. Camp where Lewis and Clark stayed in 1805. This park encompasses the confluence of the Jefferson, Madison and Gallatin Rivers. Actually sounded pretty cool and a perfect day off from adventuring. So off to Headwaters State Park.

Paul traveled 2,300 miles to come see us so it was only fitting to see the headwaters of the Missouri. Within the boundaries of this scenic park the Jefferson, Madison, and Gallatin rivers merge to form the 2,300 mile Missouri River.

The area was a geographical hotbed to Native Americans, trappers, traders and settlers. Coveting the regions bountiful resources, the Flathead, Bannock and Shoshoni Indians contested control of the area … then later the trappers and settlers who followed.

Lewis, of Lewis and Clark fame, wrote, “the country opens suddenly to extensive and beautiful plains and meadows which appear to be surrounded in every direction with distant and lofty mountains.” As we walked around this place. A place I find very bland and void of really pretty stuff like waterfalls. We discussed how much of a bad ass Sacajawea was. It was here that she was captured as a child and eventually returned as a member of the Corps of Discovery. Oh yea and the badass, John Colter, later made several trips to this area in search of furs and began his famous run nearby. For us it was windy and cold. Hard to believe settlers would flock here to try and transform the land into farms and ranches. I started to fidget.

But not my best friend and my partner. They were enthralled in the history and in reading all the trailside interpretive displays. The park also provides 17 campsites, a freaking tipi rental, and foot trails to these points of interest. Ho hum … I started walking back to the car. Maybe I could take a nap.

Of the park’s 532 acres I found little to take photos of. Maybe this was a bad time of year. i could just imagine a nice summer day being a lot nicer. I was now in full gait towards the car. I hear people behind me and discovered that my compatriots were in agreeance … too freaking cold.

We dashed to the car and jumped in. The perfect primer for a stew-lash night.

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