Fat Friends

Ruby just turned 1,000 miles old. And if it were not for the fact that her friends are so far away we would throw a huge party to celebrate. What kind of party? Well maybe a ride … because that what fat friends do.

Ruby had a rocky start getting a ticket on her inagural voyage up Buck Ridge. But her second chance at happiness came the week after at the summit.

It has been 2 months since the Global Fat Bike Summit in Ogden.

Ruby was literally in the throws of small mileage and a green horn to group rides when we arrived there.

But by the time we left she had ridden with numerous fatties.

After the summit Ruby shined and floated me over a thousand miles of snow and wintery goodness. To show my appreciation here is a gallery of the fatty party in Snow Basin … a virtual fat party for Rubs.

Rubs has become my best friend. She held my hand through the JayP’s Fat Pursuit and took me to a win at Togwotee. Thanks Rubs.

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