Am I fake?

As we approached the creepy clown sign I shivered and felt afraid. This place seemed evil. This place was nothing like people said it was. I wanted to twitter about how f’ed up this place was but held off. People would come out of the wood-work to oppose me.  I will say this just once, I am mostly kidding half the time to introduce a point. Then my feelings would get hurt. And then the online mud sling would begin. All good, but then there are those who send me a private message.

Ok, I am sidetracked. Should I get back to the trip I had recently? Oh darn I can’t. I have to get some things off my chest. I am a legitimate separate human and that my life is just important as the next person. Yea, I am a three ring circus but at least I put it out there.

Don’t you hate it when someone thinks they know you and feels the need to “correct” your actions. But then the worst is those that send private messages. They “Friend me” on a social level and then whisper bullshit in my ears.  And I lash out because they assumed and placed me in a tiny little category in their heads. Why should I care though. If you assume you know me … I hate you. I hate people like that. I hate their problems and their manipulations. But that is enough about my online problems … back to the Vegas story.

After checking into the motel and resting a bit we met up with some others and proceeded to go out and see Vegas. So far my opinion is that most of the strip is fake kind of like a fake online friend. They seem cool but when you get to know them you realize they suck.  Of course I am not saying anything bad here about the REAL people of Vegas, I am sure they would not be caught dead on the strip. But I wanted to give this place a open mind until I got wind of any thing askew.

Rummaging through town it seems like there was a fake element of our world everywhere, like the Statue of Liberty.  And then my mind went to a online message I received earlier, like last week.  One of these people actually asked me to be more sensitive to others and be careful to not hurt some advocacy efforts. How is this for sensitivity … blogging about it. No need to pm me about this post. I know you know, whatever.

And screw advocacy groups, it is just another term for politics. F politics.  Who are you? The underlying force of justice that secretly trolls online looking to give out some bullshit advice in a private message?

But I am not fooled, this was not the real Statue of Liberty. And what the hell does Liberty mean anyway? This town was all about anti-liberty. You are forced to use taxis and walk through casinos.  Yuk.

We walked to the end of the strip and where there is this entire casino built to look like disney land or something. All fake, just a building with casinos. And I wonder what my building would be like.

Ok, so I entice you to read my bullshit with pretty pictures and then unload some crap onto you. Oh well.

Go ahead tell me I am not sensitive and that I am a self centered jerk.  Publicly I think is best … but  can just send me a personal note. You know … to make yourself feel better.

As we headed back to our casino/hotel/whatever-it-is we encountered the evil clown again. It was like it had discovered that I found out about the fakes. It wanted to kill me.

“Yes you tiny human … I AM FAKE. If you continue to think separately and express yourself the way I do not like … well … I will kill you. He he he he he……”.

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