Vegas walkabout

It’s my birthday and I am 48. I bought a movie for myself called Summits of my life and plan to watch it tonight. And maybe get inspired to try something new. Who knows.

Last weekend I did try something new, although not as extreme. I walked through “the strip” in Las Vegas.

I went with 3 other Bills. Actually my partner’s dad and brother are both Bill. I kind of see a trend for her but that is another story. So we all set forth on the adventure from our casino Circus Circus, which is a weird city in and of itself with a creepy clown out front. We hit up the Monorail which zipped us to the Bally’s & Paris Station. After navigating throughout the required casino exposure we popped out across the street from the Bellagio.

As soon as we crossed over the street the fountains started spraying water and music suddenly came out of these hanging plants. Pretty cool stuff and actually it didn’t surprise me at all. in fact we were expecting to see it. It was not as grad as others have told me but it was cool. Probably 3 out of 5 stars cool. Check out video 1 and video 2.

Other things in the same area were cool. Mostly because the probability of me wanting to visit the actual Paris is minimal. I mean there are mountain ranges out there in line first. So since I will never go there seeing the miniature Eiffel Tower was nifty. Nifty for photos too.

My partner and I split up with her family to extend our adventures south down the strip some more. We walked by futuristic skylines and into the New York New York casino property. My big goal of the evening was to walk across the little Brooklyn Bridge. I was disappointed and will probably go to NY to do the actual thing. Then there was “da statue” and an evening ending visit to a cafe decked out with rain forestie stuff. The sounds were pretty annoying. Who wants to sip coffees with a baboon screaming in your ear?

Feeling old we hopped on the Monorail back home to complete the evening. Looking back it was a old thing to do … go to Vegas. I really have to get out for a real adventure tonight.

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