There are a LOT of people visiting Vegas. In the middle of the day near Caesars it is so crowded that getting something to eat for our band of weary adventurers seemed impossible. It was hopeless and everyone was about to bail and head back to the hotel room. We needed a respite from all the people. As a group we had vertigo. Just like when I woke up this morning. A hopeless spiral to hopelessness.

I looked up to a balcony of deck umbrellas. I suggested that we investigate. No one had the energy to oppose.

Tonight my vertigo is finally allowing me to get online to post a blog. Not so hopeless anymore. And when we finally found our way to the third floor we were wisked away to a balcony all alone. The meal was perfect and the view more then could of asked for. After that we had a new perspective, to obtain places of tranquility. The rest of the day we spent laying around at the Flamingo. And the vertigo turned to bliss.

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