How to make Bozeman great

I am waking up on a hump day, stuck in between societal obligations and the blissful weekend. I sure wish Boz Angeles was different in two ways.

#1 – A tram. And then we could get rid of all our cars. Right?  There would be a law stating that no motorized vehicles are allowed in city limits. Then our green spaces would be peaceful and our hoods green and happy. And also maybe push through a law stating that diesel pickups are not allowed inside Gallatin County.  Ah yes ….

#2 – Allow big wheels. Right? Allow fat bikes on all our trails in Gallatin County. All trails. Wilderness and groomed ski trails.  And this would make Bozeman a true pleasure to live in. I think I will live within my dreams today. Screw the real world. See ya all later … suckas.

Your Thoughts

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