The weekend is closely approaching and I lay in bed starring at the ceiling. I can not help but feel like a failure. My thoughts keep me awake. Kind of like a skyscraper in the sunset. I know that when the sun sets then the lights will just come on. I prefer to recharge at night. So I have to get to sleep. I haven’t yet brushed my teeth or done any bedtime chores tonight. This entire week I have slacked. I have not done cores this week at all. I have not even done my EMWave or N-Back training. I start to think, “what’s the point”. I am, or was, at a dangerous juncture.

Tomorrow is a new day and I make some promises to myself. I fall asleep.

Morning now I think back to the derailment last night. Like canoes out of water. I am not accustom to resolving or even thinking for that matter after 6. Bottom line, don’t think at night. Just go to bed.

Your Thoughts

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