Rainy mix

The forecast called for a rainy mix. Kind of miserable for riding the cross bike and way to mucky for the fat bike. The trails around these parts are no where near open yet for mountain biking. I hit the zoom link on the weather site and zoomed out. Ah ha!

Pipestone was sunny and 60. Perfect. So we loaded up the bikes and headed out. Within 30 minutes we were parked and I was charging up trail 9.

Soon my partner charged by me beating me to the top. She on her really light mountain bike and I on my “fatty”. Still though I almost caught her. After taking in the view we rode to the Ringing Rocks and off the other side of the ridge. I took the lead and showed off some of Pipestone’s gems and then stopped at a old cabin to enjoy some sunshine. Near the end of the ride I gave a pretty bad school on broken chain repair but all attendees got the gist.

So after a such a great time what would any great ride planner try to squeeze in? A soak in some natural hot springs, of course. After some long dirt road adventures we found a secluded spot along the Jefferson River. And then caught the sunset before returning back home.

A LOT better then “rainy mix”.

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