Safety first



“I forgot my helmet.”

“Well … be safe”

We pulled up to a old weathered building and I whipped out my camera. The adventure must roll on.Today’s plan was to explore the dirt roads on the West side of the Tobacco Roots. Expanding upon what we already discovered last year. I was still nervous about not having a helmet. I was only going to be on old dirt roads. I mean … if I got hit by a speeding farm truck would a helmet really save me anyway? I think not.

Soon I found myself way out front on a sunny day heading towards snow capped peaks. I totally forgot I was not wearing a helmet and my anxiety dissipated. At one point I decided to wait up for my partner and was caught napping.

Awakened I bolted to my bike and up the climb I went. Didn’t even think about that helmet the rest of the day. In all I put in 30+ miles on my fat bike. And eventually had to turn around because of the snow. Yea, even though I was on a fat bike.

Numerous times I climbed and re-climbed the hills to point the fatty downhill and let it fly. The fat bike makes it all so comfy and safe feeling. And boy does it scream down a hill. I was “told” that maybe I should be careful. Because I was not wearing a helmet. Oops!

Just goes to show that it is good to not worry the small details in life as long as you don’t forget your sometimes creaming down a hill at 45 without a helmet.

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