Resume Submittal Timeline

05/15/2004 Vote Smart Web Programmer Phillipburgh
08/24/2004 Plum Creek .NET Programmer Kalispell
10/01/2004 U of MT Web Designer/Support Coordinator Missoula
10/01/2004 MT Standard Web Page Designer Butte
10/02/2004 InterTech USA none Missoula
10/05/2004 Invizeon Programmer Analyst Missoula
10/06/2004 Mountain Supply Computer Person Missoula
10/13/2004 University of MT Computer Support Specialist Missoula
10/14/2004 Edulog none Missoula
10/25/2004 Invizeon Software Tester Missoula
10/27/2004 Vote Smart IT Staff Phillipburgh
10/27/2004 YouDictate.Com Cold Fusion Programmer and Help Desk Missoula
10/28/2004 Merlin Info. Sys. Web Programmer Kalispell
10/28/2004 A-Z Temp Services Any Missoula
10/30/2004 Shortgrass Web Development PHP Developer Great Falls
11/04/2004 Corporate Technology Group Microsoft Systems Engineer Unknown
11/06/2004 Express Personel Services General labor Missoula
11/06/2004 Anders Business Solutions (pending) Printer Technician Missoula
11/06/2004 Dave Taylor Roofing (pending) Roofing Labor Missoula
11/06/2004 Express Personel Services General labor Missoula
11/10/2004 Workforce Inc. Computer Science Related Missoula
11/15/2004 LC Staffing Service Computer Science Related Missoula
11/17/2004 First Call Comp. Solutions IT Related Missoula
11/18/2004 Westelcom IT Related Plattsburgh NY
11/18/2004 Alps Computer Sccience Related Missoula
11/18/2004 S&K Technologies Computer Science Relates St. Ignatius, MT
11/23/2004 US Investigations IT Missoula, MT
11/24/2004 UM Division of Biological Sciences Web Coordinator Missoula, MT
11/24/2004 EduLog (LCS) Programmer Missoula, MT
11/24/2004 Undisclosed Bank (LCS) Technology Missoula, MT
11/24/2004 Mars Stout(Workforce) Web Ser. Developer Missoula, MT
TBD Unknown Company(AtoZ Temp) Web/software/tech Support (2pos) ?, MT
11/25/2004 Visual Learning Systems, Inc. Software Eng Missoula, MT
07/26/2005 Blackfoot Communications Web Developer Missoula, MT
08/13/2005 Palm, Inc. Qual. Ass. Eng. Missoula, MT
10/5/2005 U.S.F.S. Inf. Tech. Specialist Missoula, MT
4/14/2006 Univision Computers PHP Developer Missoula, MT